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Chyah Weitzman, Mentor and Teacher, Pencils for Africa


Chyah was educated at Harvard College and completed her Master of Fine Arts degree through Harvard’s international study program in Japan. She learned to master the history, culture and technique of traditional Japanese paper making through the National Treasures of Japan.

She completed her masters thesis at the University of Copenhagen, teaching Japanese textiles to graduate students. Chyah was in Samburu, Kenya during November of 2013, meeting with fellow Pencils for Africa board member James Lekadaa (see below) as well as elders of Nangida Village in Samburu. Chyah is working to build an alliance between the local Nangida Village school and Saint Hilary Middle School in Tiburon, California, where she has been teaching for the past seventeen years and is the Director of the Arts Program.

Chyah directs and mentors the Pencils for Africa program.

James Lekadaa


James is a member of the Samburu tribe in Kenya.

He is a wildlife conservationist, ecologist and environmentalist.

The Pencils for Africa Team is learning about the village in Samburu that James lives in, called Nangida Village. This includes learning about the Samburu Elders and how they cultivate the Ubuntu methodology of maintaining peace and community within Nangida Village. To visit the Nangida Village project website the Pencils for Africa Team works with, kindly click here.

To read the Pencils for Africa Team’s reflections on Skyping with James, kindly click here.

Scott Buchanan


Scott attended the University of Colorado before pursuing his lifetime dream of becoming a marine scientist. He completed his Master of Science from Moss Landing Marine labs in California.

Along the way he has studied fin whales in the Gulf of California, assisted in research diving in Monterey Ca. and travelled through Central America and parts of the Caribbean. He continues to be an active naturalist, birder and surfer wherever his travels take him.

Scott recently chaperoned a Global Student Embassy high school trip to Ecuador to help reforest both coastal forests and mangroves. Scott has been a science teacher for 25 years in and out of middle school, high school and a stint as an educational naturalist. He currently teaches science at Saint Hilary School with a passion to bring real world issues to his students and create an atmosphere where students have hope and generate innovative ideas and solutions.

Karim Ajania

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Karim is the Founder of Pencils for Africa.

He is a former school principal of a Massachusetts state charter middle school. Karim was born and schooled in Kenya and holds advanced degrees from MIT and from Harvard University.

To read an interview with Karim for the African Peace Journal click here.