About the Samburu Technology App

Over the past two years, the Pencils for Africa (PFA) Editorial Team have Skyped four times with PFA Advisory Board member James Lekadaa in the Samburu region of Kenya.

In the recent Skype calls, James has described the severe drought that has affected his Samburu community in Nangida Village, north of Kenya. Both the local wildlife as well as domestic animals such as goats, sheep and cattle, have been affected by drought conditions.

The Samburu are a nomadic tribe and do not have access to technology such as laptops or digital cameras. Therefore, Pencils for Africa supplied James with both a laptop and a digital camera.

The lack of technology access makes it difficult for pastoral and nomadic tribespeople like the Samburu to contact water relief agencies during emergency drought conditions.

Kenyamap 2

As a response to this, PFA’s five member Samburu App Technology Team – Josh, Nicolas, Charlie, Aidan and Jake – are pioneering the development of the Samburu App. Working with James, who now has a laptop and a digital camera, the Samburu App Technology Team will help to document the latitudes and longitudes of the drought affected areas of the Sambure. James will photograph these regions, and then email the photos to the Samburu App Technology Team.

With this visual documentation as well as reports from the Samburu tribal elders on herding animals and wildlife, the Samburu App Technology Team will then contact water relief agencies operating in eastern Africa to alert them of the potential future conditions in the Samburu.

The Samburu App Technology Team will help develop a mobile application for the mobil phone of James, so he can have immediate access to a network of water relief agencies who can provide his community with emergency water supplies during future droughts in Samburu.